Prosciutto di Parma for Every Season

The summer months can fly by with beach days, pool time, and vacations near and far. Make sure to take advantage of the weather by dining al fresco with Prosciutto di Parma. And while you’re enjoying that summer sun and the quality sunsets, enjoy some of our favorite summer dishes. Tomatoes, corn, melon. Nothing says summer quite like Prosciutto di Parma paired with the best summer produce.

Featured Seasonal Recipes

We Go Together Like Prosciutto di Parma and Wine

What better way to enjoy these long, warm summer nights than with Prosciutto di Parma and a glass or two of your favorite wine? The delicate balance of flavors within Prosciutto di Parma pairs perfectly with classics like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Champagne. Now that’s a happy hour we can get behind.


Open Faced, Please

Sandwiches are where it’s at all summer long. Specifically, open faced sandwiches. Take your open faced sandwich to the next level with a slice of Prosciutto di Parma for an added layer of sweet-salty goodness.