Prosciutto di Parma for Every Season

Spring is a time for finally enjoying the outdoors after the cold winter months with family and friends. From picnics to spring holiday gatherings, mouthwatering dishes become front and center using fresh produce for light dishes. We’re here to help make every bite of the season simple and delectable. We’ve gathered some of our most popular and most delicious Prosciutto di Parma recipes and tips to give you some inspiration as you head into the warmer months.

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How to Pair Prosciutto di Parma

Our Favorite Ingredients for our Favorite Ham

Because a cold beer is always perfect for warmer weather

What’s more satisfying than a Prosciutto di Parma dish for a light lunch or dinner? Beer pairings for your guests that accentuate the distinctly sweet flavors of the prosciutto without overpowering this king of hams. Use our pairing tips as inspiration for your meals.