The Art of Hand Slicing

Hand-Slicing-InstructionsWhen hand slicing, it is best to begin the cut near the top of the prosciutto (a). The cuts must be parallel, following the lines indicated from the arrows so as to always leave a flat surface, with minimal irregularities. As you get close to the femoral bone (b) the leg is turned along the bone. Proceed to slice in the same direction, working toward the bone (c) following the same method. The area near the hip (d) is easily removed with a short knife.

Before every cut, by machine or knife, it is necessary to remove the skin near the point of the cut. Hand slicing is a difficult art, but allows Prosciutto di Parma to be enjoyed in its ancient tradition. It provides a different eating experience than paper thin slices from a machine and the ritual of hand slicing allows you to appreciate the centuries of tradition behindĀ Prosciutto di Parma. The slices cut from the knife follow the natural disposition of fibers, their irregularity adds to various sensations to the palate. A good slicing knife has a sharp, long blade that is wide and thick, moderately flexible to adapt itself to the variations of the form of the prosciutto.