Specialist of the Month

Chef Stefano Secchi
27 E 20th St
New York, NY


How would you describe Rezdôra to someone who has never been in?

Rezdôra celebrates the cuisine of Emilia-Romagna and the traditional dishes that are served there. We use products imported from the region to represent the cuisine in its purest form. Our menu focuses on fresh pasta, but we also offer authentically prepared meat, fish, and vegetables.

How was food a part of your family history/ experience growing up?

My father is from Italia and he spent most of his life working at the best restaurants in Europe before opening Italian restaurants in California and Texas. I grew up with him and our godfather, who was a chef from Calabria, in kitchens surrounded by too many Italians and too much food…it was amazing.

Why do you use Prosciutto di Parma?

The question is not why, but why not. In my opinion, it’s simply the best ham in the world. The variety of flavors in the prosciutto based on where the pig was raised and where the leg was cured, like the alpenini di Parma to just outside of the city, is remarkable.

What was your first experience with Prosciutto di Parma?

Probably when I was just a year old in my father’s restaurant with a nice ciabatta…best panino!

What is your favorite technique or dish using Prosciutto di Parma beyond just slicing?

We use it for ripieno or filling for many of our stuffed pastas at Rezdôra. There just isn’t a substitute.

What is the most important thing(s) to remember when handling Prosciutto di Parma?

It’s important to remember when “squaring off” the prosciutto or trimming away the skin to leaving as much of the fat cap on as possible. Then slice it on a very sharp slicer as thinly as possible. We like for the ham to melt in your mouth.

Anything else you want us to know?

Different ages of Prosciutto are great for different preparations.  We really like 30 month+ aged in raw preparations and 18 month in warm dishes.